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Link’s Chemicals Taskforce seeks to protect the environment, wildlife and people from harmful chemical pollution by improving hazardous chemicals policy.

Link: Hannah Blitzer, Senior Policy Officer

Updates from the Taskforce:

The Chemicals Taskforce brings together the collective expertise of different environmental NGOs to address the impact that known and suspected harmful chemicals have on people and nature, with the aim of reducing chemical pollution to deliver safe and healthy environments.

The Taskforce actively works to build policy momentum behind further restrictions on harmful chemical pollutants, including pesticides and PFAs (also known as ‘forever chemicals’). The group has published a technical briefing on the expected UK Chemicals Strategy, setting out the principles and aims that should guide the strategy. The Taskforce has jointly with other NGOs written to the Government on several occasions outlining 12 Key Asks on the UK’s Chemicals Strategy.

The group is also advocating for restrictions on certain chemicals by improving UK REACH and aligning the system with EU regulations on hazardous chemicals.

Recent analysis conducted by the Taskforce and The Rivers Trust reveals that there are toxic chemical cocktails in rivers across England. The group is campaigning for stronger controls on harmful chemical cocktails, including a ban on the most hazardous chemicals that pollute rivers and other freshwater sites.

The Taskforce works in coalition with other groups on hazardous chemicals and pharmaceutical pollution. It also continues to support other Link working groups to protect natural habitats and wildlife species from chemicals pollution.

For further information, contact Hannah Blitzer, Link’s Policy Officer and representative on the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum.

Last updated: October 2023