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Nature For Everyone Campaign

Nature everywhere for everyone - putting a right to nature in law

Please join us in demanding #NatureForEveryone - sign our petition today

We all love nature. And enjoying nature is good for us. 

From a walk in the woods, or cycling on a canal path, to listening to birdsong, just being around nature helps lower stress and anxiety, reduces our blood pressure, and encourages us to exercise. 

But not everyone can easily access nature-rich spaces.

Many communities don’t have nature nearby, or their natural spaces are in a poor state, or are being lost to development.

Around 1 in 3 of us don’t have access to accessible nature-rich spaces near our homes, with no green space at all in some of the most deprived areas. Ethnic minorities are twice as likely to live in nature-poor neighbourhoods.

This longstanding inequality has been heightened and highlighted by the pandemic. Millions of people have been left without the respite and restoration that nature has provided to so many during lockdowns and working from home. The importance of access to natural spaces for our mental and physical health, and the stark impact of the lack of it, has never been so clear.

We want the Government to give everyone a legal right to local nature.

That’s why we’re asking the Government to make equal access to nature, and the health and wellbeing benefits it provides, a core part of their Levelling Up plans.

We’re calling for a new legal duty in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill for developers and public bodies to provide equal access to nature-rich spaces in new and existing communities. Backed up with resources for Local Authorities from the Levelling Up fund, this could transform our parks, woods and watersides, making a huge difference for our people, public places and public health.

By protecting our existing access to nature, reviving run-down places, and creating new natural spaces within all future developments, we can put nature at the heart of every community.

So if you want to guarantee nature-rich neighbourhoods across England, please join us in asking the Government for a legal right to local nature.

Sign and share our petition today!

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