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Resources and Waste

Link’s Resources and Waste Working Group seeks to reduce pollution of plastic, chemicals and other materials in the natural environment by advocating for a reduction and where necessary, elimination of their production.

Chair: Paula Chin, WWF
Link: Cassie Rist, Senior Policy Officer

Updates from the Group

The Resources and Waste Group advocates for a reduction in the use of resources to change our throw-away society and reduce the damage to our environment, from source to sea. The Group’s overarching message is that current models of consumption are unsustainable and that Government action is needed to deliver a more circular economy.

The group have published a plan for driving greater uptake of reusable and refillable packaging. This sets out the policies the Government should adopt which would make sustainable consumption cheaper, easier and more widespread.

The group responded to the Government waste consultations which aim to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme and Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging. They also submitted responses to the Waste Prevention Programme for England and the Consistency in Recycling consultation. The responses highlighted the need for greater Government support for reuse and refill schemes, where resources are used in a more sustainable manner. The overall findings of these responses are summarised in the Group's 'Wasted Opportunity?' report.

The Group are campaigning to ban the sale of disposable vapes which are causing increasing harm to the natural world. Their recent briefing explains the problems with these items and why we cannot rely on simply recycling more of them to tackle the environmental harm.

For further information, contact Matthew Dawson, Link's Policy Officer.

Last updated: August 2023

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