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Something momentous is happening. Is this the ‘Green Spring’?

With a wave of climate emergency declarations and activity, could this be the Green Spring? Join Rewilding Britain in pushing the Government to restore nature to help stop climate breakdown.

May 2019

What a few weeks it’s been. We've seen the arrival of Extinction Rebellion, Tony Juniper’s appointment to Natural England, the BBC’s David Attenborough documentary on climate, Greta Thunberg's visit, the launch of Wild Justice - and now a wave of declarations of climate emergency across the UK. Something momentous seems to be happening.

Our small team at Rewilding Britain is full of hope. We believe that something may have changed for good in these last few weeks. When our grandchildren look back, maybe they’ll be calling this the ‘green spring’.

Two weeks ago we launched a parliamentary petition, calling for the mass restoration of nature to help stop climate breakdown.
We've never tried something like this before at Rewilding Britain, and we've been bowled over by the response.

At the time of writing, more than 70,000 people from across the UK have signed. It's spent much of the last two weeks as the most popular petition on the government site, and it's well on its way to triggering a debate in parliament.

More organisations that share our vision are now joining the call, and we're confident we can get the 100,000 signatures needed for the parliamentary debate.

But even better would be to get there in the next week. That would help us bring attention to detailed new information we’re about to publish about how rewilding can address climate breakdown, and how it can be funded.

We know that what we're calling for makes sense to a wide range of people, all over the country. We think there's a huge amount of support for restoring nature on a meaningful scale, especially now.

We just need help to reach that support.

We would be grateful if you’d consider sharing the petition with your audiences, friends and colleagues.

This really does feel like a big moment. Let's make it count.

Petition: Restore nature on a massive scale to help stop climate breakdown:

Charlie Peverett and Tamsin Bishton, Communications Leads at Rewilding Britain

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