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Hello and welcome

October 2014

Hello and welcome to the Blueprint for Water’s new website

At Blueprint our vision is:

Water matters: it is integral to our lives for drinking, health and recreation, as well as integral to the lives of all plants and animals. All waters and wetlands, from our ponds and rivers to our seas should be alive with the splashing, buzzing and croaking of flourishing wildlife. By working together and managing our water more effectively, we can ensure a future full of wildlife-rich places that everyone can explore and enjoy.

This will be a challenge, today less than a quarter of England’s water is healthy and our salmon, water vole, freshwater crayfish and eel populations are just some of our native species in decline and under threat.

The launch of our website and Save Our Waters campaign, today, coincides with the Environment Agency launch of the second cycle draft River Basin Management Plans. The first cycle failed to deliver improvements to our water environments and I have no confidence that as these draft plans stand they will adequately address the key problems facing our waterways today: problems such as pollution, over-abstraction, flooding and proper flood management. That’s why your voice is so important…

The Save Our Waters campaign aims to help people who care about our rivers, lakes, ponds and beaches, people like me and you, to have our say in how this precious resource is managed. All views and comments submitted via the campaign will be sent to the Environment Agency. So please, share your local knowledge and expertise and help Save Our Waters.

Janina Gray

Chair of the Blueprint for Water - Head of Science and Policy for the Salmon & Trout Association