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John Muir Trust

The John Muir Trust is a UK-wide membership-based conservation charity dedicated to wild places and the people who enjoy them, work on them and live around them. We believe that wild places and the experience of wildness are vital to our lives.

The areas of wildness that can be found around our mountains and coastlines attract people who want challenges and solitude, while other areas, even within our cities, provide solace and renewal through recreation and education. As well as promoting the many benefits of wildness, we campaign for the protection of wild land and look after some of our most magnificent landscapes across nine locations stretching from the far north west of Scotland to the Lake District in England.

Wild places are a diminishing resource that need to be conserved – they contribute to the lives of many people in very specific ways; from recovery from illness, to recreation, to the attraction of paying guests in remote areas. We exist to help make these connections, to secure the resource, to encourage people to experience wildness at first hand, and work with others to repair and rewild damaged ecosystems. The Trust is committed to partnership working with local communities to further the conservation and protection of wild landscapes.


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